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Caring for collections

Do you have medals, diaries, letters, clothing or other items from a family member who has served, but you’re not sure how to care for it and preserve it for future generations?

Education resources

  • Education and community awareness for the Anzac Centenary at the Anzac Portal 
  • Bendigo Regional Archives Centre staff have created a WWI Resource Kit, spanning 1914-1922, for researchers to appreciate grassroots responses to this watershed event in our history. 

The kit comprises motions from 7 local Councils Minute books; these show local civic responses to the declaration of the war, the Gallipoli landing, and the end of the War.  Examples of incoming Correspondence highlight various topics: school children’s contributions to local fundraising; activities of numerous volunteer fundraising groups; enlistment figures; plans for Closer land settlement for returned soldiers; and the background to the establishment of Bendigo’s Soldiers’ Memorial in the centre of the city.

There are digital copies of each letter and the motions from Minute books and all handwritten documents have been transcribed for clarity.

Family history

There are many organisations that can help you trace the family history of those who have served. Here are some recommendations:

Useful websites

These government sites are the first stop for all things related to the ANZAC Centenary: